“Where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint…”  (Proverbs 29:18, ESV)

One of the key components of our vision at Grace is to expand the footprint of Christ’s Kingdom throughout northern NJ by planting churches, establishing multi-site venues, and partnering with other like-minded churches. 

You may be aware that Bethlehem Church in Randolph has faced significant challenges over the past couple of years.  The Elders of Bethlehem Church recently approached us and asked about the possibility of joining their ministry to Grace.  Last week our Board of Elders, as well as Bethlehem’s Board voted, unanimously to explore the possibility of becoming one church in two locations.  In order to explore this, there will be meetings, discussions, focus groups, and consultation with experienced professionals to help guide us through this process. 

No decision has been made, other than to explore this possibility. 

Any decision to join together will require a vote of both congregations.   Grace Church would then become “one church in two locations”:  Grace Church on the Mount, Netcong campus; and Grace Church on the Mount, Bethlehem campus. Both campuses would be Grace Church.  We hope to offer more detailed information at the semi-annual business meeting that will take place November 18 after the 11:15 AM worship service.  But this issue will NOT be ready for a vote at that meeting.  Such a resolution will require a special business meeting.

FOR THIS REASON, we are declaring 5 days of fasting and prayer in order to seek the Lord’s guidance.  The fast will begin tomorrow (Nov 5) and will end this Friday, November 9.   Even if you are unable to fast, we still ask you to engage in focused prayer over these next several days.