The way to discern God’s will for tomorrow is simply to trust and obey Him today.

Message By: Pastor Armin Sommer
Summary By: Scott McCrea

What Romans 12:2 Means:

  • Don’t be conformed to this world. 
    Contemporary culture is no longer governed by either faith or reason.  Rather, it is now guided by whatever we passionately feel.
  • But be transformed by the renewal of your mind.
    When we live under the authority of God’s Word, and daily surrender in prayer to the Lord - it transforms us.
  • That by testing you may discern what is the will of God.
    Testing refers to critical examination.  If you live your life according to subjective emotions, you’ll never be able to discern God’s will – because you will have no objective criteria by which to test your choices.

There are several different aspects to God’s will that are critically important.

God’s Sovereign Will

God works all things according to the counsel of his will (Matthew 10:29). God is not the author of evil.  But he is able to leverage and subvert evil things to accomplish his overarching plan.  The worst evil cannot divert or thwart God’s sovereign will.

God’s Moral Will

God’s moral will refers to the way things ought to be.  The things God wants you to do constitute God’s moral will. 

God’s Individual Will

Psalm 32:8

God does not expect you to figure out all the details of your life ahead of time.  He just asks you to trust and obey Him today.  Proverbs 3:5–6 the Bible says little about the will of God as a future pathway.  The Bible instead commands us to obey what we already know about the will of God in the present.

God does have a plan for your life, but God doesn’t expect you to figure out the future.  The bigger issue is not, “How do I know God’s will?” Rather, it’s “Do I really want it?”  Because it’s not usually a lack of information, but a lack of inclination. 

God does not want you to be anxious about His will.  Matthew 6:25,27

The key to an ongoing discovery of God’s will for my life comes with a commitment to

Matthew 6:33 (ESV) — Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

If your heart is set on honoring God, then you will not step out of God’s will, no matter which path you take. 

God’s will for your life right now is for you to become more like Jesus (1 Thessalonians 4:3).

Instead of pleading with God to show you the future, live confidently knowing that God holds your future. It’s really as simple as “wanting to want” what the Lord wants. (Ecclesiastes 12:13).

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