If any kind of inclement weather takes place or is imminent, here is how to get information about ministry or worship service cancellations.  Any of the following options will provide you with the updates you need.

Check Grace's website:  www.grace4families.com

Go to Grace's FaceBook page:  www.facebook.com/gracechurchonthemount

Check your Text Messages.  REGISTER HERE to receive our weather-related group texts.  

Call the Church office:  973-347-0667

If there is a closure or cancellation, you will hear about it.  Keep in mind... If we need to cancel a worship service, we generally will start the process with cancellation of only the 8:15 A.M. service. That gives us time to clear the driveway and parking lot to safely accommodate your vehicle.  If it is apparent that there will be weather-related safety issues on our site, we then move forward with cancellation of additional worship services.  Cancellation announcements for 8:15 worship are posted by 6:30 AM.  And check for updates regarding later services, including the 6:00 PM.

If you would like to receive email updates, please contact the Church Office at office@grace4families.com or 973-347-0667.