Tara Digiacomo - Bethlehem campus Children's Ministries coordinator

What do you like about working at Grace Church? 
I love the people I work with, they are amazing!  Working at Grace also helps me to meet more people here.

Who are the special people/person in your life?  
Dennis is my dream man/husband & our three kids are the super coolest!
What are the top 3 songs on your iPod/Music player? 
Love the Lord Your God, Let it Rise & Revelation Song (which, in my opinion, is better sung live by Grace's own Nancy Stopa)
What is something most people don't know about you? 
I was a wild child.
What are you reading right now? 
I'm studying the Celebration of Discipline & just fininshed Onward...the book about Starbucks that Armin gave me.
What place would you like to visit before THE END...and why? 
I would love to visit the place in Austria where my grandma was born & try to find the fountain she described so many times.
Best Meal/Drink Ever? 
Dennis rocks the kitchen & I love everything he makes, but my favorite is roast beef sliced thin with sweet fried peas.  I am also hooked on chocolate chai tea.
What's something God's teaching you lately? 
His plan is bigger & better than mine.
What excites and gets you dancing? 
It doesn't take much.
Favorite movie, and why? 
I love the depiction of Heaven in What Dreams May Come, because it's a lot like the one in my own imagination.