Church at Home

"Grace Church at Home" meetings are consistent, weekly, home church group gatherings of followers of Christ who meet in host homes for fellowship and to engage with the Grace Church weekly livestream worship service. [SIGN UP]

Church was never about buildings; rather, the church has always been about God's people gathering together, following Jesus, and sharing God's love with our neighbors. Virtual church has allowed us to effectively reproduce the on-stage elements of a regular Sunday morning worship service. However, one thing it is lacking is the in-person community - people standing around talking, sharing their lives, and building relationships. Virtual meeting platforms are not a suitable long-term substitute for in-person face-to-face connections. During this time, where large gatherings are limited, and the upcoming colder months will put a stop to our outdoor Sunday morning gatherings, we can still be the church and carry out God's mission by meeting in smaller indoor gatherings and having church at home (or in student housing).

"Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts."

Acts 2:46 

What do these Gatherings Look Like?

  • Gatherings will range between 2-25 people (at this point). 
  • Hosts must be members of Grace Church
    • If you are not a member, there are 2 options for you
      • Become a member by reaching out to, so we can get you into the membership process
      • Team up with someone who is a member of Grace Church to host together.

A "Grace Church at Home" gathering is a WEEKLY commitment. Hosts must prioritize meeting on a weekly basis. If a person desires to host but is unable to prioritize consistent meeting, he or she will be encouraged to participate as an attendee in another host’s home.  
Given that NJ COVID guidelines change frequently, hosts will be encouraged to regularly visit the NJ COVID GUIDELINES WEBPAGE.

What does it mean to host Grace Church at Home?

There are two types of hosting:
     Type 1 - Invitational Hosts
This type of Host decides who is invited to their home for their Grace Church at Home experience by invitation.
  • The host must register on the Grace website as a host home, but this group is not open to receiving new individuals or families. The host/ leader will determine whom they want in their gathering by directly inviting individuals or families.

    Type 2  - Open Hosts
This type of Host has their home open to anyone who wants to join a Grace Church at Home house.
  • The host must register on the Grace website as a host home, which is open to anyone. The registration form will be on this page for open-home hosts and for attendees looking for a home to meet in. Applications include the desire to worship with or without families with children.

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